Suzuki Maven

The Suzuki Method

The Key Points

1. Every child can be educated.

All parents know that their child can learn their native language. This ability to master their mother tongue allows parents to nurture and encourage their children with confidence and infinite affection. They realize that this is not an acquired knowledge but an ability inborn in all human beings.

2. Learning begins the day a child is born

A child who is raised from a very young age with love and attention will develop more successfully than a child whose education begins at the traditional school age. Parents are the experts in their own language and feel comfortable teaching their mother tongue to their children. This same concept is applied to the teaching of music. Through recordings and positive attention given at lessons and at home, the student develops a natural love for their instrument and their music.

3. Human ability develops through practice and exercis

Repetition and daily practice prepares a child to move on to the next level of ability. Daily practice is necessary to develop memory patterning. Positive reinforcement encourages daily practice and repetition.

4. Children need to feel confident in their abilities and master what they are learning

This is the most important factor in keeping students from giving up! At first, students learn simple skills carefully and repeat them many times. When they are capable of performing these skills well, they are then able to move on to the next step. These first set of skills are now “easy”. Even at advanced stages of learning, stress is given to the repetition of cornerstone techniques.